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The Spezilicious S is a 65mm micro pusher whoop, which you can buy here at as a DIY conversion kit.


With this kit you can convert your Betafpv Meteor Pro Frame with 35mm propellers into a pusher stack build and use many advantages like:

- Various AIO flight controllers now fit into your Meteor Pro Frame

- Carbon stabilization ensures stiffness Modular design: You can switch between two lipo sizes and also change the position (bottom/top mount)

- Optimized for low weight: With the right components you can fly this frame sub 20 grams (Btw: The Spezilicious lite kit makes sub 18g builds possible)

- HD Zero and HD AIO compatible: The implemented “stack build” gives you space for HDzero Vtx or HD Dvr boards.

- Cool look. Colors of Canopy matches with meteor pro frame blue

- A revolutionary way to fly your 65 Whoop

- Custom Tune available

NEW! Foldable liposlot, which is 0.4g! lighter than old TPU one. Every kit ordered 10/23 will have 2x new liposlot.


Note: This is a frame kit and does not contain any electronic components. You also need the Meteor Pro Frame and 35mm props! This frame kit is for  advanced FPV pilots with technical experience.


Use my tuning Diff all to get the most out of your build: 

(use at your own risk) 


All you need to know: 


Kit included:

1x carbon frame

5x 1.4mx5 screws for mounting carbon plate

5x special screws ultra light for mounting flight controllers

7x special nuts ultra light for stack build

1x Canopy for Runcam Nano 3 /TW Pinch OR for Foxeer Pico Razer and Betafpv C03 /C01 and more.(ADD NOTE IN YOUR ORDER. IF THERE IS NO NOTE YOU WILL GET THE RUNCAM VERSION.)

2x liposlot customsize foltable ultra lite for 300 lipo sticks or bonka 300 1s 

2x stickers SpeziLover

Spezilicious 65 V3 - Pusher conversion kit

Artikelnummer: 364215376135191
18,89 € Standardpreis
13,22 €Sale-Preis
  • Framekit zur Aufrüstung eines Meteor Pro Frame. Keine elektronischen Komponenten enthalten ! 

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